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You are the Owner and Manager of an agency which assists clients in identifying Long Term Care facilities for themselves or family members. The clients come to you to get help in finding the best facility for Retirement, Assisted Living, Memory care etc. Additionally, you provide information for clients and family regarding assistive devices, elder day care, and enrichment experiences for older clients.

You have five employees who interact with the clients either by phone, in person and online conference or chat. 

For this discussion:

Identify three professional characteristics that you want the staff FOR YOUR SPECIFIC STAFF to exhibit and discuss by those characteristics are specifically important for your business. REMEMBER MAKE IT SPECIFIC FOR THE AGENCY DESCRIBED ABOVE—NOT GENERAL TO ANYONE AND SUPPORT YOU ANSWER  

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As the Owner and Manager of an agency that specializes in assisting clients with long-term care facility selection and related services, it is essential to have employees who possess certain professional characteristics. These characteristics play a crucial role in ensuring the delivery of high-quality assistance and support to clients and their families. In this discussion, I will identify and discuss three specific professional characteristics that are particularly important for my staff in the context of the agency described.


1. Empathy:
Empathy is a key professional characteristic that I value in my staff working at the agency. Given the nature of our business, it is essential for employees to exhibit empathy towards our clients and their families. Our clients may be going through a difficult time, and they often rely on us to provide emotional support and understanding during the process. By demonstrating empathy, our staff can establish a connection with clients, making them feel heard and valued. This can enhance trust between our agency and the clients, ensuring their needs and concerns are effectively addressed.

2. Expertise in long-term care options:
Another critical characteristic I look for in my staff is a strong knowledge and expertise in long-term care options. It is important for them to be well-informed about retirement facilities, assisted living, memory care, assistive devices, elder daycare, and enrichment experiences for older adults. This expertise enables our staff to provide accurate and up-to-date information to clients, allowing them to make informed decisions about their future or the future of their loved ones. Clients rely on our agency’s expertise to guide them through the complex landscape of long-term care options, and a knowledgeable staff ensures the provision of high-quality service.

3. Effective communication skills:
Effective communication is an essential characteristic for all employees in our agency. Our staff interacts with clients through various mediums such as phone calls, in-person meetings, and online conferences or chats. It is crucial for them to have excellent communication skills to convey information clearly and accurately to clients, answer their queries, and address any concerns they may have. Furthermore, good communication skills also involve active listening and the ability to understand the clients’ needs and preferences. By possessing strong communication skills, our staff can establish effective rapport with clients, facilitating a smooth and productive working relationship.

By prioritizing these specific professional characteristics – empathy, expertise in long-term care options, and effective communication skills – in my staff, I aim to provide exceptional service to our clients. These characteristics ensure that our agency can effectively assist clients in finding the best long-term care solutions and support them throughout the process, ultimately enhancing the overall experience for our clients and their families.

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