Kean PEN 3 Model Illuminating Health Disparities & Fostering Equity in Summary

create an original project demonstrating expertise in your field. Although it may contain up to 25% of a previously completed course assignment, the product should exhibit a significant expansion of the initial idea.

This week, you will share your original contribution and a summary of the contribution.

Step 1.
Select a project idea and think about why you chose this particular project and how it is connected to your coursework and your professional growth. 


Submit an article for publication in a professional, peer-reviewed journal.

Contribute to a professional newsletter, and post to a professional website.

Conduct a professional development training session for your school/city/professional organization (documented with agenda/PowerPoint/evaluations as all three are required).

Present at a professional conference.

  • Create a professional multimedia presentation and share your work through an online platform or comparable form of communication/media.
  • Create your own blog or webpage to post your contribution (your name must be posted as the author).
  • Step 2.
    Complete your project on the most authentic format. It may contain up to 25% of a previously completed course assignment but should exhibit a significant expansion of the initial idea.
  • Step 3.
    Write a summary of the project not to exceed 1 page. Describe the logistics of the plan (when, where, how, for whom it was designed, etc.). Also, describe why you chose this particular project and how it is connected to your  coursework.  

Expert Solution Preview

For this project, I have chosen to create a professional multimedia presentation and share my work through an online platform.

I chose this project because it allows me to showcase my expertise in the field and reach a wider audience. By creating a multimedia presentation, I can effectively communicate complex medical concepts and information in a visually engaging and interactive manner.

This project is connected to my coursework as it requires me to apply the knowledge and skills I have acquired throughout my medical education. It also provides an opportunity for me to enhance my research and communication skills, which are crucial for a medical professional.

The logistics of my plan involve creating a comprehensive multimedia presentation that covers a specific topic within the medical field. I will conduct extensive research to gather relevant information and data, which will be presented using a combination of text, images, videos, and interactive elements.

The online platform I choose to share my work will depend on the target audience and the accessibility of the platform. I will ensure that the presentation is easily accessible to medical professionals, students, and the general public who may be interested in learning about the topic.

I chose this project because it allows me to contribute to the field of medicine by sharing valuable information and insights. It also provides a platform for me to establish myself as a knowledgeable and skilled medical professional.

Overall, this project aligns with my coursework as it combines my medical knowledge, research skills, and communication abilities. By creating a professional multimedia presentation and sharing it online, I aim to make a meaningful contribution to the field and further develop my professional growth.

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