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You’ll need at least 5 legitimate business sources, of of


You’ll need at least 5 legitimate business sources, of of which must be the annual report for the company

BUS 4060 Q-SWOT 2022.xls 

Final Project Paper Guidelines

Deliverables: This is the capstone project of your business education here at NVU.  You’ll turn in a completed copy of the Q-SWOT spreadsheet and an 8-10 page paper.

Instructions:  For this assignment you’ll use a variety of sources to learn about your selected company.  You’ll complete a full strategic analysis using the Q-SWOT spreadsheet, fully develop a forward looking strategy, you’ll also run all the numbers on the Pro-Forma tabs, and then you’ll summarize your findings and pitch your strategy to me in an 8-10 page paper.

I selected Subway 

Tutorial Videos 

Internal factors https://vsc.yuja.com/V/Video?v=4831583&a=891769679&classPID=508091&cim=false&from=2

External factors  https://vsc.yuja.com/V/Video?v=4831569&a=1138312307&classPID=508091&cim=false&from=2

Strategies tab – https://vsc.yuja.com/V/Video?v=4831595&a=2097737298&classPID=508091&cim=false&from=2

Strategy Summary tab – https://vsc.yuja.com/V/Video?v=4831551&a=1973753955&classPID=508091&cim=false&from=2

Financial Analysis  https://vsc.yuja.com/V/Video?v=4831516&a=181449080&classPID=508091&cim=false&from=2

Pro Forma–  https://vsc.yuja.com/V/Video?v=4831523&a=653041448&classPID=508091&cim=false&from=2 

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