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Write and submit this paper on your own. This is


Write and submit this paper on your own. This is not a team paper.
Write no less than two pages and no more than three pages on a business or economic issue that catches your interest. Your subject can come from something in your workplace, an economic issue in the news, in politics, or even a movie or TV show or series that relates to business. You are encouraged to express your own thoughts opinions in the body ofyour paper and in your thesis sentence or statement of intent as well (See Below).
Cite and include 2-3 research sources in MLA format both within the body of your paper and in a works cited page at the end of your paper. See the Index in your textbook beginning on p 446 and  see p. 87 for models.
Format your paper in 12 point Times New Roman font in Word format with double space between lines.. Include a thesis sentence or statement of intent sometimes also called a statement of purpose.
A thesis has a single subject with a clearly defined argument or viewpoint expressed in the assertion:

  • Thesis Statement Example: Raising the federal interest rate by .25% will have a negative impact (or whatever you think) on the economy. A thesis statement or
    statement of purpose or intent is always just one sentence and may appear at the beginning or end of the first paragraph. 
  • Subject: “Raising the federal interest rate”
  • Assertion or Argument: “…will have a negative (or whatever you think). This part of thesis expresses your own personal views.
  • Statement of Intent or Purpose Example: “The purpose of this paper is to explain how (or why) raising the federal interest rate by .25% will affect business….”
    D.A.R.E. is a format that you may find useful in writing your paper, but it is not required.

DEFINE: What is the issue about? What is the subject? Is political? Economic? Social?
ANALYZE:  Discuss salient ideas or points.  What impact do you think this news has or will have on you or the world we live in?
RESOLVE: Generate a few questions that you have about the information. If there is a cost to fixing this problem, how much will it cost?  Who will pay for it? Will the people who are benefited be more able to improve their lot in life?  Who’s responsible for solving any social issue? You? The individual? The various county, state, and federal agencies?  Why do you think so?
EVALUATE: Is it a controversial or a critical issue that needs more research? Is it information you think should be more widely publicized? Should any action be taken? by whom? Explain your thoughts. Why do you think you’re right?

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