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This is a home-based project in which the candidate applies

 This is a home-based project in which the candidate applies adult learning theories and leadership principals to an initiative within the home institution or in an educational setting approved by the instructor. The course culminates in a written project that assesses the types of learning and or leadership models used in the initiative as well as the outcome. The paper should be at least 20 pages and should provide an analysis of the student’s leadership style and practice within the scope of the project.

Directions: The purpose of this paper is for you to organize and articulate your thoughts regarding the leadership theories and practices you have studied during the course, as well as reflect on your own leadership style and practices. This paper should feature various leadership styles, as well as topics associated with leadership such as motivation, ethics, and the concept of authority.  Finally, the paper should include reflections on your own leadership style in relation to the results from the DISC Personality Test found at:  https://www.123test.com/disc-personality-test/
Specifications for the paper:

  • Length: 20 pages, Times New Roman, 12 font, double-spaced  
  • APA format
  • 7 –10 sources (books and professional, peer-reviewed journals only



Define leadership and explain why it is important.  (3 pages)

Literature Review

Here, discuss the various philosophies we have examined in class, as well as topics associated with leadership. This is basically a literature review. In a literature review you do not us the pronoun “I” because you are not reporting your thoughts in this section…you are only reporting what others in the field are saying about the topic. (6 pages)


This section should provide a detailed examination of the topic in order to allow the reader an understanding of its nature and determine its essential features. (4 pages)

Personal Reflection

In this section reflect on your own leadership style in relation to the data from the survey you have taken. What surprises you? What are areas of concern?, etc.  (4 pages)


Final thoughts…   (3 pages)

Grammar / Mechanics

Be sure to check for subject / verb agreement, correct punctuation, etc.

APA and References

Be sure the paper is in APA format and that you have used the required number of references.

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