This assignment is a continuation of a previous assignment which

This assignment is a continuation of a previous assignment which is attached. Please review the previous assignment and complete this assignment based on the first. 

9-10 pgs. Not including reference and appendix. APA format. 10-15 new additional resources. Complete the assignment and complete the attached appendixes per each section. Some references have been provided attached. 

SWOT Analysis – Describe the organization’s internal strengths and weaknesses, its opportunities for growth and improvement, and the threats the external environment presents to its survival. (See Appendix C) 

Introduction– What is a SWOT Analysis  

SWOT Analysis – Presented in narrative format. Diagram placed in the appendix

Integrated discussion of the SWOT Analysis primary emergent themes you will focus on 60





The problem, Challenge, or Opportunity 

History of the problem – Emergence 

Past Attempts to solve the problem, challenge or address the opportunity 

Literature review (3 peer-reviewed articles) related to the specific problem, challenge, or opportunity

Solution & Vision for Change – Propose a theoretically or model-based solution for change within the context of factors or pressures that support the status quo (restraining forces) and those pressures that support change in the desired direction (driving forces). (See Appendix D and E)

Describe key elements of proposed change based on the literature review  

Discuss macro – theoretical/model basis of the proposed change (based on the literature review)

History of theory/model development 

Key proponents of theory/model

Seminal message/ focus of theory/model

Clear and thorough connection between the theory/model base and proposed change

Vision statement (Essential elements after the change – what will the difference look like?)

Systems, Roles, and Allies or Adversaries– Systems, Roles, and Allies or Adversaries Analysis Chart – Presented in narrative format. Diagram placed in appendix

Identify individuals and their organizational roles and if they are sponsor, agent, target and if they are allies or adversaries  

ID Force Field Analysis Chart – Presented in narrative format. Diagram placed in appendix 

Identify Internal Driving Force 

Identify Environmental Driving Force 

Identify Internal Restraining Force 

Identify Environmental Restraining Force 

Identify Benefits to target and if allies or adversaries 

Identify losses to target and if allies or adversaries 

Implementation Strategy – focus on the implementation plan for the change, including strategies arising from the force field analysis; and proposes an evaluation plan for ensuring the change is sustained. (See Appendix F)

Detailed, integrated discussion of change effort and the strategy for increasing the driving forces and diminishing the restraining forces; including all roles, benefits, losses, etc. 

Description of plan for enhancing driving forces 

Engaging allies in strategy 

Utilizing sponsor and agent (or others) in strategy 

Description of plan for influencing and containing resistant forces 

Engaging or minimizing adversaries in strategy 

Incorporation of benefits and losses to target group/others in strategy 

Evaluation Plan  

Introduction – Identify outcome. Specify timeline, target population,  

How will you measure outcomes

How will you use outcomes (plan for continuous assessment of change) 




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