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The Shelton Hospital Dinner You practiced in the Learning Activity


The Shelton Hospital Dinner

You practiced in the Learning Activity with the receipt, storage process, and health and safety standards for food items. Proper adherence to these standards can affect many people’s health and well-being and mean the success or failure of a business. In this assignment, you will apply what you have practiced regarding these processes and standards from the purchase, receipt, storage, preparation, and production, to service for a food item.

The following Course Outcomes are assessed in this assignment.

TH213-4: Explain the process for purchasing, receiving, storing, and producing a food item.

GEL-2.01: Communicate the impact of mathematical results in a discipline specific situation.

Scenario: The Shelton Hospital needs chicken for dinner to be served a week from this coming Saturday and it is being ordered today for this 250-bed hospital. The vendor provides shipment within three days of ordering in a frozen state.

  • Describe the purchasing and include the specifications (see Chapter 6) that would be included in the purchase order (i.e., PO) for the 100 pounds of bone-in chicken.
  • Describe the receiving and the inspection process concerning the chicken.
  • Explain the storing, thawing methods, temperature, and subsequent preparation process for the 100 pounds of bone-in chicken based on the state in which it arrived, the arrival date, and serving date (show the dates for each step).
  • Explain the production process steps for preparing just the roast chicken entrée (i.e., main course) cut into eight pieces for the hospital for one night’s dinner. Show your calculations for the dinner to demonstrate sufficient servings. Specify all the steps from beginning to se
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