The objective of the class project is two fold: a)

The objective of the class project is two fold: a) to familiarize you with the usage of Excel (which you will have to use in your jobs, no matter what type of jobs), and b) to draw conclusions based on the facts and your learning. You need to answer all three parts and write no more than 2-page (single spaced, 12 fonts, and Ariel font) for all three parts. Your writing should be precise and indicative of your understanding the facts presented in the case. I will hold a review session on how to prepare your data and how to create the report, which will be announced within Canvas closer to the time in which the assignment is due.  See the Weekly Schedule below for due dates and times.

  • Data: Refer to the page numbers 162-163 of the text book and follow the step-by-step instructions to create you Excel Spreadsheet.
  • What to do: Use the spreadsheet to solve the problems listed in the page 198 and 199.
  • What to submit: You need to submit your written part in word or PDF format along with Excel calculation. Your written part should stand out itself, i.e., you should use numbers to support your arguments. If need be, you may reference to the specific cell in the Excel. If you would like to copy paste tables from Excel, you can add an appendix to the word file. Appendix is separate and is not included in the page count.

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