The completed paper should be from 750 to 900 words,


The completed paper should be from 750 to 900 words, with that total not counting the citations, the footnoted materials, or any bibliography or title page. While writing more than 900 words will NOT lead to a penalty (you won’t be rewarded either!), writing less than 750 words likely will be penalized. Please submit it in Microsoft Word.

Write a brief paper reacting to a law journal article.  Almost any law journal article associated with a university publisher will be acceptable.  Any of my articles at (Links to an external site.) are certainly acceptable as something to which you react. 

The very beginning of the paper should have (1) your name, (2) your UFID, (3) the title – “Reaction Paper to ______ (the article’s title) by (the article’s author), (4) the journal name – e.g., American Business Law Journal, and – if possible – an URL, i.e., web address, for the article), and (5) the length, in pages or word totals, of the article to which you are reacting. 

In the body of your paper, you should briefly describe the article and then offer your questions or comments; feel free to bring in concepts or ideas you have learned from the class lectures, the Law, Society, and Business text, the Barron’s textbook, or other courses or life itself!  Normally, the article should be at least 5 or 6 pages long, but could be as long as 100 or more pages.  You need not read the entire article and react to it, but you should either deal with the entirety of it all or at least some part to which you can intelligibly react.

You are free to quote from the article, but do NOT make your paper a cut-and-paste job, or anything where more than, say, a quarter of your paper consists of quoting or paraphrasing the article.  I want your reaction. You could write about points you learned from the article, questions that an article raised in your mind, comparisons to matters you have learned elsewhere (in this class, in another course, from life), other things the article reminds you of or that could be in some way analogized to or related to points/sources in the article.

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