The  CEO of a company that is growing rapidly (it

The  CEO of a company that is growing rapidly (it had 50 employees two years ago, 250 today, and expects to have about 1,000 in two years) says: “We have an excellent performance appraisal system but my managers have no time to discuss development plans with their employees. They are too busy hiring the right people to meet the demands of our growing business.” What advice would you give the CEO?

From an ethics standpoint, what steps would you take to ensure managers do not have their personal self-interests influencing decisions they make on employees?

Nearly all people who manager others have a boss themselves. In your opinion, to what extent does having a boss who needs improvement in the area of performance management affect one’s own skills or motivation to conduct performance management conversations?

Assume an organization wanted to create a 360 degree feedback system for helping employees create development plans, but did not want the system to be used for employee appraisal or yearend evaluation.  What words of wisdom would you share with them?

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