The 2 two main types of training used in my

The 2 two main types of training used in my organization are instructor led and distant learning, also called e learning. Instructor-led training is the traditional type that normally occurs in a classroom environment with a trainer presenting the material to a group of people. E-learning uses online coursework and materials to deliver the training. Most can do their training at any time, from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Instructor led training can be very effective because Instructors can answer specific questions from employees. Skilled instructors can also match the training level of the employees. Harder more complex topics can be explained in multiple ways until the employees understand. Some disadvantages of instructor-led training include cost, time away from the office and time to implement. Classroom training is also hard to scale to hundreds of employees, all of whom need to find time in their schedule to attend the training session. Although E learning is widely adopted by modern employers it still has a low retention rate. Many companies are choosing E learning courses because they easily scale. One person or 1000 people can take the same online course at one time, starting and stopping at their own pace. This helps empower a range of learners as people who want to take their time and dive deeper have the freedom to do so, while quick learners who are more easily bored can move through course rapidly. Online training is also very beneficial to remote workers, who may otherwise be overlooked for training opportunities.

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