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Single and Dual Rates of Allocations [WLO: 2] [CLOs: 2,


Single and Dual Rates of Allocations [WLO: 2] [CLOs: 2, 3, 6]

Prior to beginning work on this discussion forum, read Chapter 15 in your textbook.

Write: Make sure your response addressing the following question is more than 200 words and include an in-text citation from the reading material where appropriate.

Allocation of support costs in a manufacturing operation is a topic often debated by managers of the various production departments. In your own words explain the difference between the single-rate and dual-rate methods of support-department allocation and give an example of when each method might be appropriate.

Guided Response: Respond to at least two of your classmates by commenting on their posts. Do you agree with your peers’ explanations? Why or why not? Though two replies are the basic expectation for class discussions, for deeper engagement and learning, you are encouraged to provide responses to any comments or questions others have given to you. Continuing to engage with peers and the instructor will further the conversation and provide you with opportunities to demonstrate your content expertise, critical thinking, and real-world experiences with the discussion topics.

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