Reply to two prompts in 100 words each. No sites

Reply to two prompts in 100 words each. No sites needed, these are just thoughts on the prompts.

Prompt 1:

Preparing for change is never easy in any organization (school districts) so in order to safeguard a smooth change from the current state to the preferred state of any organization, you will need the correct management tools and resources readily available.

School leaders constantly find themselves working to change curriculums within their schools, and this can be quite challenging and controversial as it pertains to curriculum placement and revision. Leadership must work within various areas when attaining; stability, needs, assessment, and educational instruction.  In order to achieve any of this it requires a clear understanding of the process and principles of the changing concepts affecting curriculum development amongst personnel and students.

When adjusting to changes in an organization here are a few helpful tools used:

· Stakeholder Analysis (identify and categorize them based off of different factors)

· Flowcharts/Map (visual sketch to show you where you are, and where you would like to be in an organization)

· Data Collection (gathering and measuring information/feedback analysis)

Applying analytical framework provides a checklist of skills, tools, patterns, model forms and techniques that come in handy when collecting and analyzing data. 

To be successful, you must employ a variety of tools and techniques to gather, arrange, and present system descriptions. By creating and adapting analytical frameworks, you can prepare well ahead of time and collect useful tools and examples to use in your current situation (Lieberman, 2017).


Lieberman, Benjamin (2017). Applying an Analytical Framework.

Prompt 2:

The first change management tool applicable to the organization is the flowcharting technique. Flowcharting on the organizational processes provides a visual sketch, particularly to those lacking a clear image of the major organizational processes. This is a mechanism utilized to ensure people are on board with the level of the company. The second tool entails metrics and data collection that enable the company to gather correct information through a critical change management process. The technique focuses on past performance and the current performance, including risks attributed to the change process.

The third technique involves using force filed analysis, which provides an initial perception of change issues that require to be resolved. The technique outlines the drivers that necessitate a change in an organization. Further, the company uses a culture mapping technique to enhance change, considering various values, beliefs, norms, and practices. Project plans are another change management tool used by the company, which involves having a clear project plan to stay on track with the goals.

In situations where an individual is required to change roles, the use of an analytical framework can help determine the process of transition to the new roles. This entails learning to lean on the type of tools, techniques, models, and patterns through which an organization can give the best approach. This technique helps communicate the best use time management aspect in the organization.

Also, one can use the analytical frameworks to assess the workforce’s skills and help prepare the outsourcing group. Defining teams through an effective analytical framework promotes confidence and leads to the correct collection of materials and capabilities. 

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