Project Risk Management then review the material below and follow


Project Risk Management then review the material below and follow the instructions
Assignment Overview:
You will create a Project Risk Register using the provided

Risk Register template                  Download Risk Register template              

for an IT infrastructure project.  This assignment  is a true Exercise and the project is not associated with or  based on Case Study material in the textbook, but on the following  scenario:
Your IT consulting firm (NetScan, LLC) was contracted to install the  IT infrastructure (cabling, servers, workstations, wireless APs, other  hardware, software, network equipment, and internet connectivity) in a  new, 20,000 sq. ft. building for Blue Suit Consulting.  The initial  build-out includes 15 offices and a data center on a single floor with  the building being ready to start the installation 4 months from now.   Your CIO budgeted $32,000.00 for the project and expects completion in 3  months. 
Your Assignment:   As a team, develop an initial Risk Register for this project. 
As you have learned in the preceding weeks, there are many aspects of  managing a project, and risks can arise in any of them.  For this  assignment, it is recommended that each team member focus on identifying  events that could occur that would impact one of these aspects:
Schedule – you have two target dates in the above description Budget  – how far does $32,000 go?  (Note:  your project is only to INSTALL the  infrastructure, your client, Blue Suit Consulting, will pay for the  equipment and materials) Staffing – you will need a team.  What can go wrong? Stakeholder Management – you have a client to keep happy… Communication Management – Where are the risks to your communication plan? Procurement – Blue Suit is paying, but what can go wrong in the purchasing process? Quality – what events or factors can result in unacceptable quality? Integration – all of the above need to integrate and stay in synch.

****Just need to fill out risk factor in a project in above provided template with an example provided. You must find at least 15 risk factors and solutions of project explained above****

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