please review the link below and select one section to

 please review the link below and select one section to review. Specifically, under Intervention Settings/Locations, please select community, and then you can select any other filter you would like to individually review. 


Please address the following questions in a Word Document. You can address them in bullet-point form and you do not need to have complete sentences. 

  • Section selected
  • Relate the section to what we discussed on Monday. In other words, refer to the slides and the website I had you all read for Monday. For example, what behavior needs to be changed, what measurement instruments did they use, who does the intervention help…..You do not need to cover everything we discussed but I would say the three questions for the section should equal two pages. 
  • Reflect on the sections. How was the information communicated? Why? What would you do differently? Why?

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