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What is organization development and why is it important to long-term organizational success?

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What is organization development and why is it important to long-term organizational success?

      Organizational Development is crucial to the long-term organizational success in the future. I will use law enforcement as an example since it is the most recent organization to exhibit absolute disaster due to the lack of organizational development. Even though many agencies began in recent years to be much more community oriented and focus on a more community based policing strategy, as we have all watched, many of those changes came crashing down in 2020. Organizations need to prepare and understand that change is inevitable, so much adaptation to a new way of doing things is absolutely crucial. 

      For many Agencies, being reactive and not proactive have come at a high price. It has cost human lives and continuous to do so, many due to increases of homicides. In my opinion policing has been the perfect storm coming within organizations for quite some time and the tipping point was near. From hiring to firing and everything in else in between. However, then overreaction became the way to handle situations with many officers getting fired before having a proper investigation done. Now there is the least amount of police officers per capita and many agencies are unable to find recruits to train. Many officers retired early or simply left policing all together, decades of experience leaving agencies has come at a very high cost. Experience is something you cannot buy, it is taught.  

      While new technologies have hit the market such as: body cams, automatic dash cams etc. those changes should have been made standard a long time ago, for the protection of officers and civilians. Also, disciplinary action should have been closely examined and discussed. Many protocols and procedures have been long outdated and are no longer in effect. Overall, policing in 2021 lacked organizational development in previous years either due to funding or due to lack of focus and importance, causing long-term failures, which will take at minimum a decade to rectify if not longer.


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Hello all!

Organization development, according to our reading, is a planned change process that is managed from the top and takes into account both the technical and human sides of an organization. An easier way to remember it is changing an organization and taking every piece into account while doing so. It is incredibly important because a static business that doesn’t change with community, national, or international priorities will eventually flounder and fail. One example of that is Kodak. Kodak conducted extensive research back in 1981 to figure out of digital photography would be a threat to their film-focused business model with the result being that it had a very high potential to and that Kodak had a decade to prepare to address it and change. Despite creating the first megapixel camera, Kodak continued to pursue film over digital and currently teeters on the brink of bankruptcy. If Kodak had pursued an organizational development effort, then its CEO at the time would have addressed the upcoming digital transition from both a personnel and technological standpoint which would have ultimately improved the effectiveness of the organization as well as the well-being of its members. Another example of a company that made a crucial blunder by not conducting an organizational development adjustment is Blockbuster. As we are all aware, Blockbuster no longer exists because it did not purchase Netflix initially, and then did not follow suit with Blockbuster in regards to streaming services and ultimately no longer exists except for one store in Bend, Oregon. 

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