Name of the company : (Lowe’s Companies, Inc.LOW). mutual fund


Name of the company : (Lowe’s Companies, Inc.LOW). mutual fund : (Oakmark International Fund Investor ClassOAKIX)Requirements: example of report is showing below and please follow the order of what is asking for also the screen shot is the rest of whats asking for this report

• The report’s cover page must include:
o name
o class
o Name of the company and mutual fund being analyzed with their respective
ticker symbols. Name of the company : (Lowe’s Companies, Inc. LOW). mutual fund : (Oakmark International Fund Investor ClassOAKIX)

• The report must be formatted as follows:
o Typewritten
o Double space
o 12-point Arial font
o One inch margin on all four sides

Sources of Data:
Students may find sources of data on various websites including but not limited to: Bloomberg
terminal,,,,,,,,,,, or the company’s website, etc. You must cite the sources of data in the report.


Hello this type of project needs to be like a question and answer to each number that is requested on the screenshot

*please leave them in the same order

*in the middle of the project when it comes to ratio please provide the number and the calculation of the company that selected in this project

*on the commentary side please do not just give the meaning explain for example why or why not prices are up or low

* the uploaded file below will be an example of how it needs to be

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