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K-means Clustering Analysis This assignment is to give you the

K-means Clustering Analysis

This assignment is to give you the hands-on experience using R to conduct k-means clustering analysis. Please refer to the Chapter 15.5 section in the reference textbook (through the link at the bottom under “Lessons”) and Chapter 15 of the official textbook for details. Then open K-means Clustering in R with Example (or open this file Week 6 Assignment reference question and solution files.docx ) , go over the whole example by using Computers.csv data set and the same R codes to reproduce the results step by step, study the way to explain the model and evaluate the results:

  1. Import data
  2. Train the model
  3. Optimal k (Elbow method)
  4. Examining the cluster

Now open this file Computers.csv to choose these two new scaled variables: price_scal and ads_scal to replace the hd_scal and ram_scal and redo the same k-means clustering analysis as in the website according to the above steps. 

Please copy/paste screen images of your work in R, and put into a Word document for submission. Be sure to provide narrative of your answers (i.e., do not just copy/paste your answers without providing some explanation of what you did or your findings). Please include Introudction, R codes with outputs, Figures and explanations with cover and reference pages. A good conclusion to wrap up the assignment is also expected. You also need to follow APA formats.

Hints: change the [2:3] in the R function kmeans.ani(rescale_df[2:3], 3) to adopt two new scaled variables mentioned above, you may need to use cbind() function for it.



Due DateAug 15, 2021 11:59 PMAttachmentsComputers.csv (289.64 KB)Week 6 Assignment reference question and soluti… (322.95 KB)

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