HAD 364 Midterm: History of Interior Design

Answer each question to the best of your ability, addressing all parts.  You may use your notes and refer to the course readings to help you.  I recommend that you do NOT rely on sources that are unreliable, such as Wikipedia, to help you answer.  Do your best to rely upon the knowledge that you have gained so far in this course.  Please write as legibly as possible, or you may type your responses on a separate sheet(s) of paper.

1.  What are two stylistic characteristics of a klismos chair?  In what culture did it originate?  (3 points)

2.  What are the three orders of Greek columns?  Name at least one characteristic of each.   (3 points)

3.  In which country did the Gothic style originate?  Who is credited it as the first designer of this style?  (2 points)

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