For this you either create a new webpage or evaluate

For this you either create a new webpage or evaluate your current webpage. For those creating a new webpage, you will get a taste of how easy it can be to create a page, but will feel the challenge of generating the information to populate the page. Let’s get started!

Create the following:

  1. Create a login for (Note: Click “Support” and review information on Wix before getting started.)
  2. A question will appear asking: “What kind of website would you like to create?”
  3. Select “Online Store”
  4. Click “Get Started”
  5. You will be presented with three pages of templates. Select a template closest to the type of business you want to create. Remember these are the free templates, if you want to pay for a template you have the option to. But for our course free is easier.
  6. After selecting your template populate the following:
    1. Customize the “Home” page (this includes store name, logo, etc.).
    2. Populate the “About Us” section (this includes mission, vision, purpose, etc.)
    3. Populate the “Contact Us” section.

Note: Do not populate the Terms and Conditions, Copyright, etc. 

What is to be submitted in the course:

  1. Capture screenshots of the before and after of the “Home,” “About Us,” and “Contact Us” sections.

Submit a 1-page narrative on why you selected the theme that you did and what you thought of the process of selection and creating the first three areas of the webpage. Include the screenshots in the assignment. Include what you might need/want to update and explain why. Note: Is not acceptable to say “nothing.”

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