Early Biblical History (Narrative): Josh, Judg, Ruth, Sam, Kgs


Research Paper Description: Choose one corpus/genre from the list below and write a paper that synthesizes: (1) interpretive conventions (i.e., hermeneutical methods or reading strategies) which are unique to the corpus/genre. A great starting place for this is Hill/Walton’s introductory chapter for each genre/corpus (see also Dr. Way’s lecture notes which provide some introductory guidelines for each genre/corpus); (2) historical/cultural context (i.e., the setting which may include political history, ancient Near Eastern literature and archaeology); (3) theological themes/messages of each book/corpus (here I am looking for more than a simple restatement of the themes provided by the course pack. The theological themes/messages must be developed and demonstrated in your own words); and (4) application of [a] theological theme[s] to Christian life/ministry (i.e., spiritual formation).

The paper should be 15 pp. in length (maximum 20 pp.), and it must also include a bibliography (of the works cited in the paper). In order to complete the paper on time, it is strongly suggested that you get started early and work on the paper throughout the semester. 1. Pentateuch (Law/Ritual/Narrative): Gen, Exod, Lev, Num, Deut 2. Early Biblical History (Narrative): Josh, Judg, Ruth, Sam, Kgs 3. Later Biblical History (Narrative): Chron, Ezra-Neh, Esther 4. Poetic/Wisdom Literature: Job, Ps, Prov, Eccl, Song 5. Major Prophets: Isa, Jer, Lam, Ezk, Dan 6. Minor Prophets: Hos, Joel, Amos, Ob, Jon, Mic, Nah, Hab, Zeph, Hag, Zech, Mal Research may begin with your required and recommended readings (in Bible, Hill/Walton, EBC and course

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