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  Discuss:  For your first post, read the short Doctor’s Examine


Discuss:  For your first post, read the short Doctor’s Examine Art (Links to an external site.) article and discuss what you learned.  Who is impacted by the article?  What is the argument or message of the article? How is it supported?  With what evidence?  Where did it appear and when?  Who is the author?  How does it relate to you, as a student at BPCC?  Is there a connection to your major?  Dive into the details and give your response to what you read.  **Remember, your first post is due by no later than FRIDAY night

For your second post  identify one artwork that has impacted you in some memorable way. Start by a.) identifying the artwork by title,  or better yet, post the image, and then b.) discuss the artwork’s impact on you.   Do your best to relate that to the details of the artwork – details of what you see, the subject matter, where & when you came across it.  What moved you?  How does this artwork reflect something personal about you?  OR select an artwork from Chapter 1, identify it by  image number, title and artist.  Discuss why you selected it.  Is this a work of art you are familiar with, enjoy, have questions about, can relate to, don’t understand, remind you of something?   Describe what you see considering the same elements mentioned above for your first post.  How does compare or relate to the artwork you mentioned in your first post? 

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