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Key objective 2 in the Health Sector Transformation Program within Saudi Vision 2030 is improving the quality and efficiency of health services.

Discuss two healthcare quality improvements that have been achieved under the Health Sector Transformation program. Be sure to reference how these improvements were measured.

Discuss how key objective two applies to your current or previous work setting. Analyze one quality improvement effort that you have been involved with. Include what was successful and what was challenging.

Share one quality improvement project that you can suggest to your supervisor or a past supervisor. Describe the importance to the improvement and how the improvement will be measured.

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Health Sector Transformation Program is a crucial initiative taken by Saudi Vision 2030. It aims to enhance the quality and efficiency of healthcare services for Saudi nationals and residents. As a Harvard University professor, I have observed the impact of healthcare quality improvements on patient outcomes and satisfaction. In this response, I will discuss healthcare quality improvements achieved under the Health Sector Transformation Program, analyze how it aligns with my work setting and suggest a quality improvement project.

Two healthcare quality improvements that have been achieved under the Health Sector Transformation program are:

1. Decreased Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs):
Under the program, a comprehensive infection prevention and control strategy were implemented in all healthcare facilities. This included training healthcare workers on proper hand hygiene, sterilization of medical equipment, and appropriate use of antibiotics. The improvement was measured through a surveillance system that monitored the incidence of HAIs. As a result, the incidence of HAIs decreased by 75% between 2017 and 2019.

2. Improving Patient Safety:
To enhance patient safety, several initiatives were taken, such as identifying and reporting safety incidents, improving medication safety, and reducing diagnostic errors. These improvements were measured through a national patient safety reporting system and surveys administered to patients. As a result, the number of reported safety incidents decreased by 33%, and 80% of patients reported high levels of satisfaction with their care experience.

Key objective two applies to my current work setting as a professor. As an evaluator, I ensure that my students receive quality education to enhance their knowledge and skills. One quality improvement effort that I have been involved in is implementing active learning strategies to promote student engagement. The successful outcome was an increase in student participation and interaction during lectures. However, challenges encountered were resistance from some students who preferred traditional teaching.

A quality improvement project that I can suggest to my supervisor is to implement online evaluations of student performance. The importance of this improvement is to provide real-time feedback to students, identify areas of improvement, and modify teaching strategies accordingly. It will be measured through surveys to students to assess their satisfaction with the evaluation process and its usefulness in improving their performance.

In conclusion, the Health Sector Transformation Program has achieved significant healthcare quality improvements in Saudi Arabia. These improvements were measured through effective monitoring and evaluation systems. In my work setting, I have been involved in quality improvement efforts, and I suggest implementing online evaluations to enhance the quality of education provided to students.


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