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Country: Poland Product: Lot No 40 Rye whiskey Company: Corby

Country: Poland

Product: Lot No 40 Rye whiskey

Company: Corby spirit and wine Limited  

The purpose of this report is to develop an International Marketing Plan for the Canadian company Corby Spirit and Wine Limited, producer of the rye whisky Lot No. 40, as means to introduce their product into Polish market. This report will provide information about the Poland’s characteristics, assess its market potential, and develop a detailed marketing plan to successfully export the product to the country.

you will take on the role of an internal international marketing team whose job is to assess the target country, determine the opportunity and develop a  detailed marketing plan

The following is an outline or guide for your Written Marketing Report: It must be written in the voice of the International Marketing team of your company presenting their analysis and recommendation to the company’s CEO and CMO.

Competitor Analysis -Compare and contrast your product and the competition’s product.

         – Brand name, Features, Package, etc. Competitor’s prices, promotion and advertising methods

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