Colin Kapernick as the icon for taking a knee during a football game

Pay attention to the important due dates at the bottom of this. I am attaching a file called “Unit 3 explanation”, this is the instructions page. I am attaching another file called “already used sources 3” these are the only 15 sources you can use for this project. I will also attach samples of this research paper done by students in my teachers class in previous years. Look at the examples and make my research project look like it.

– The topic of this paper is: Colin Kapernick as the icon for taking a knee during a football game. – 8-10 pages starting at only purchasing 8 pages, I will buy more pages if necessary. – needs a works cited page (not included as part of the 8-10 pages) IMPORTANT DUE DATES I NEED Drafts by: – March 24th 9pm EST: at least four pages of typed and double spaced writing. This may be your intro, your conclusion, or a summary and analysis of a source or several sources. Of course, this is considered part of your rough draft so I expect it to be rudimentary at best. – March 31st 9PM EST: at least seven pages should be completed. This should be the best draft of your paper so far. – April 4th or 5th 9pm EST: final paper due. I will extend the due date on this website.

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