Case Conceptualization Assignment Instructions This will be a two-part assignment.

Case Conceptualization Assignment Instructions

This will be a two-part assignment. Both parts are due on the same date and on the same 


Part I:

Read the following case study example of an individual admitted to a hospital to receive 

treatment for substance use. While you are reading, consider the various biological, 

psychological, and sociological (or environmental) factors that may have contributed to 

this individual’s development of a substance use disorder. Using your knowledge of the 

various models of substance use and theories of drug use presented in Chapter 2 of your 

textbook, conceptualize this individual’s case from the perspective of

at least one model 

or theory of substance use.

That is, explain why this individual may have developed a 

substance use disorder according to the models or theories of your choosing (e.g. Is there 

a genetic explanation for this disorder? Did the individual’s personality put them more at 

risk for development of a substance use disorder?). There are many possible risk factors 

present in this case for you to choose from.

For each model or theory from which you conceptualize this individual’s case, please do 

the following:


Identify which model or theory you are basing your conceptualization from.


Identify which factors specifically are relevant to the chosen models or theories. 

(For example, if you were using a personality theory, is the individual 

perfectionistic? Compulsive?)


Provide evidence that these factors are indeed present in this client’s case study.


Describe how the factors relevant to your chosen model or theory have 

contributed to the client’s development of a substance use disorder.

You must complete

all four

steps for


model or theory of conceptualization in order 

to receive full credit.

Part II:

Now that we have reviewed motivators to change substance abuse behaviors and 

effective treatment options for substance abuse, I would like each of you to design a 

treatment plan for Joan

based on the information covered in previous modules.


address the following in your response:

What would you recommend Joan’s parents do to communicate with Joan about 

her marijuana use? Explain why. At which stage of change would you say Joan is 

currently in? What are the therapist’s motivational tasks based on this stage? How

would a therapist accomplish these (i.e. motivational strategies to use)? Please be 

sure to include the stage of change and NOT stage of substance use.

What do you think could be some obstacles to Joan during treatment? What are 

some of Joan’s strengths that could benefit her during treatment?

What can Joan’s therapist do to help prevent Joan from relapsi

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