BIO 100 UA The Four Factors of Attraction Questions

Week 7 Reading Questions

Choose 1 question from the list below to answer. If you answer more than 1 question, you will receive extra credit.

How do the four factors of attraction (proximity, familiarity, similarity and reciprocity) studied in face-to-face encounters generalize to online friendship and dating web sites? Explain.

Select a relationship you have seen portrayed in the media (e.g., books, movies, television). Describe the relationship in terms of the three components of Sternberg’s (1988) triangular theory of love. Which type of love does the relationship illustrate?

What is the difference between perceived social support and received social support? Which one is more important to you? Why?

Answering the reading question is worth 3 points.

A comprehensive answer (= answering ALL the parts of the question) –> 2 pts.

A copy of the chosen question along with your answer –> 0.5 pt.

A reference/citation (the following are acceptable: page number(s) in the textbook, page number(s) in the PowerPoint, video from the module, external source) –> 0.5 pt.

Extra credit if you answer more than 1 question –> 0.5 pt. per question (or 1 pt. in total).

Each answer should be around 1 paragraph long; this is a guideline, not a minimum or limit. There is no need to upload a document (but you can if you want to), you can just type your answer in the text box.

Avoid plagiarism by rephrasing the text in your own words (points will be deducted if the Turnitin score is high).

Use complete sentences and make sure to proofread your answer for spelling and grammar mistakes.

Expert Solution Preview

In the medical college curriculum, it is crucial to incorporate assignments and assessments that cover various aspects of human behavior and relationships. These topics not only contribute to the holistic development of future medical professionals but also provide them with a deeper understanding of the social and psychological aspects of patient care. The following is a response to the provided content.

The four factors of attraction, namely proximity, familiarity, similarity, and reciprocity, studied in face-to-face encounters, do generalize to online friendship and dating websites. Proximity holds significance in both scenarios as individuals tend to develop connections with those who are physically close or easily accessible. Similarly, familiarity plays a role in online relationships, where people become acquainted with someone through text-based communication or shared interests. Additionally, similarity is significant in online friendships and dating, as individuals are often drawn to those who have comparable hobbies, values, or personalities. Finally, reciprocity, which refers to the mutual exchange of positive interactions, is observed in online relationships through the exchange of messages, likes, or comments, creating a sense of connection. Therefore, while the medium may be different, the fundamental factors of attraction remain relevant in online friendships and dating.

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