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  Assignment Content You have been hired to implement the CRM system


Assignment Content

  1. You have been hired to implement the CRM system for WeLoveVideo, Inc. Part of your job is to propose and recommend a project approach based on several models. A meeting is scheduled for next week with the WeLoveVideo, Inc. CIO to discuss your recommendations on the project approach.

    Prepare for this meeting by developing a 6- to 8–slide, multimedia-rich presentation that explains the waterfall and Agile SDLCs, and how your team will guide WeLoveVideo, Inc. Include the following in your presentation:

    • An explanation of waterfall and Agile SDLCs, including:
    1. The typical phases that comprise an entire systems project
    2. The differences in documentation produced, with an explanation as to why it would or would not be used
    3. An explanation of stakeholder expectations that should be set based on the chosen SDLC
    4. The pros and cons associated with each waterfall and Agile SDLC
    • A graphic summary or chart comparing waterfall and Agile for the WeLoveVideo, Inc. CRM project, including features, team, delivery, and feedback
    • Attributes within WeLoveVideo, Inc. that would dictate your recommendation on the type of SDLC you would lean toward
    • Two references formatted in APA style
    • Write an executive summary to accompany your presentation that includes your SDLC recommendation and references to support your recommendation. This summary for the executive team is typically 1 to 2 pages in length.

      Submit your assignment.

      Faculty Note:
      1. There are two separate documents to be submitted in this week’s assignment. One is a powerpoint deck (6-8 slides), and one is a word document (1-2 pages, preferably not more than a page). Please make sure you submit both for full score.
      2. Please follow the maximum length requirements for both documents. Excessive length may be penalized.
      3. Try not to zip them up, so that it could be read and evaluated inline without a download and an unzip.

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