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Assignment 2: New Venture – Launch Plan Format: Paper Due:

 Assignment 2: New Venture – Launch Plan Format: Paper Due: Week 6, Day 7 (Weight: 25%) OVERVIEW In this assignment, you will continue your research and planning to design and implement a new product or service. Based on the innovative “big idea” and the vision that you developed in Assignment 1, you will now write a Launch Plan, in which you describe your launch strategy, business model, and financial plan. INSTRUCTIONS Write a Launch Plan Paper of no fewer than 4 pages. In this second assignment, you will complete the middle four sections of your Business Plan: Sections V, VI, VII and VIII in the template. You will follow ONE of the three Options below, depending whether you are planning your new venture as an Intrapreneur, Entrepreneur, or Nonprofit Leader. Make sure you work with the template that matches your chosen Option 

 Option A – INTRAPRENEUR NEW CONCEPT LAUNCH STRATEGY o What are the key objectives in this intrapreneurial proposal? o What strategies would be used to meet those objectives? o In what time frame would these objectives be met? IMPACT ON THE BUSINESS MODEL o Does the new product or service line fit within the current company’s mission, vision, and values? If not, does the mission, vision, or values need changing? o How complementary is the new product or service line to the existing products or services of your company? What does the new line add that will benefit existing customers? How could it attract the interest of potential new customers? o What licensing or regulations will you need to be aware of to operate your new product or service line? 


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