A community portrait based on personal experience and incorporating sociological insights


About Me: Canadian, White, Straight, Female, 20 Years old, From Middle-Class Family, Father is a French immigrant and a chef that owns a successful restaurant in Canada Communities to possibly discuss: Attended a highschool with large racial and socio economic mix of people, Mascot was changed from “redmen” (native american in head dress) to “red hawks” because some felt the old one was racist, I did not mind either way because i dont feel it is my place to speak for Indigenous peoples. Divorced parents and their new partners = expanded family community maybe (stepmom @ age 11, stepdad @ age 17)?.. Part of a world-renowned Children’s choir for 8 years that toured every summer (positive experience, surrounded by kids with similar background and economic status, + shared passion for music and singing) These are just real facts about me for the autobiographical portion of this paper, however, you can add more and make things up about me as my professor does not know me personally and I hope to have a few days to edit this paper when I receive it before I hand it in. 

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